Shiba Inu

The perfect Family. Ken holding Deiter and Bobbi holding their new bundle of joy Madison.

Deiter sleeping with baby Madison.

Two Beautiful Girl's. Caroline getting a Kiss from Little "BARA"

This little Sweet Heart is Dukhan's Japana Myss Fanci. She has perfect white markings. Neither Mom or Dad has them so she thought she would show them up. Owned and much loved by my friend Antionette and her family. Sept. 2005

Dukhan's Japana Koi Koi Winning Best Puppy In Group at his 1st show. 6months 2 days old.

Fi Chai say's here's looking at you

Ken and Bobbi's Shiba Inu Deiter playing in the snow. Nov.2006.

Kelly sent this to me. She thinks Bandit is just the best. As you can see he also loves to play in the snow.

Cole with his Shiba Taz

I think Fanci is rather spoiled.

Beautiful Kisho Much loved by James, Sheila and their children.

Dukhan's Japana Takara